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Warning: While the following article is about Resident Evil, a survival horror game franchise that’s consistently rated as “M for Mature audiences,” readers should be aware that the statues below do depict the following: gun violence, blood/gore, zombies, paranormal flourishes, and etc. If you do not meet the criteria to play a video game with a Mature rating (must be 17 or older), then please do not proceed. 



Look at me. Now, look at your collection of high-quality video game and anime character statues and figurines. Now look back at me.

What’s missing?

If you answered “Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield from the 2019 hit Resident Evil 2,” you’re absolutely right. Thankfully, you’re in luck because Prime 1 Studio has got you covered!



As of today, the two highly-detailed and beautifully rendered statues of the game’s main characters are available for pre-order through the manufacturer’s website. What makes these figures particularly unique is that, while they’re technically two separate statues that you have to purchase separately, if you do happen to buy both they work together to create a wider, diorama-style statue.



And, both of these statues were created under the strict supervision of Capcom, which means you can ensure extremely high quality and attention to detail. As a self-proclaimed RE fanboy who loved the 2019 remake of RE2, I’m absolutely floored with the way these two statues look.

Of course, high-quality statues from an extremely reputable company created by highly talented artists means… they definitely come with a price tag. At $1,349 each, before shipping and taxes, it’ll cost you a pretty penny if you want to display these zombie slayers together:

All that being said, if you’re really desperate to get your hands on these figured, payment plan options are available! You can choose to pay the full price in up to 14 total installments, which will cost you just under $100 for one (or a little under $200 for both) per month until it ships to you. 

And if that arrival date scares you, there’s no need to fear. No matter how many installments you want to pay in, these statues will arrive in early 2022.


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Written by George Comatas

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