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DeNA and The Pokémon Company’s mobile game, Pokémon Masters EX, received more than just a title change for its one-year anniversary. While previously announced, a few more goodies and events were announced today!



On the social media front, an AR filter will be available on Facebook and Instagram. Taking the ever so popular “Which person/character are you?” randomizer-quizzes and adding a transformation spin will have you looking like whichever Pokémon Trainer you’re matched with no matter what. Don’t like the results? Perhaps you can ask the all-knowing Poryphone again.



Ready to be the best? Champion Stadium is a new game mode that will have you battling against the Elite Four. Careful, there are some restrictions, so make sure you have plenty of sync pairs ready to battle.

The Kanto Challenge has begun! In the Champion Stadium, players can take on Lance, Lorelei, Bruno, and Agatha of the Kanto Elite Four, as well as the Kanto Champion, Blue. The true challenge of this game mode lies in having to defeat them all in five consecutive battles with a limited number of sync pairs. Once a sync pair has participated in a battle, it can not battle again while the challenge is underway, making it crucial for players to have an arsenal of powerful sync pairs. The Champion Stadium is available now to players who have completed Chapter 10 of the Main Story. In the future, Elite Four members and Champions from other regions of the Pokémon world will also come to the Champion Stadium.




Our trio of Pokémon Trainers hailing from Kanto can all match now that Blue and Green are getting their very own Sygna Suits. Here are the full details shared in a press release:

Iconic Trainers Don Their Sygna Suits – Red & Charizard, Blue & Blastoise, Leaf & Venusaur: Sygna Suits are special outfits that Trainers can wear into battle on the island of Pasio. Sygna Suit versions of Blue and Leaf will make their debut in the game, while Sygna Suit Red will return for the first time since the game’s Six-Months Celebration in February 2020. All three sync pairs will be available to add to players’ teams via their own character-specific sync pair scouts, available now until September 27 at 10:59PM Pacific Time. Each of these three sync pairs possess the skill to mega-evolve during battle, as well as the ability to increase their Potential rating from 5★ to 6★ EX, an ability otherwise only shared by Rosa & Snivy at this time.




Throughout the year, various illustrators have been tasked with creating artwork themed after a particular event or storyline. With the anniversary now in full-swing, there needs to be a piece capturing all the excitement. Illustrator lack drew Red, Blue, and Green in their 6★ EX Sygna Suit duds and they are certainly ready for battle!

Or, in Blue’s case, ready to tell you how much his jacket cost and how we should be blessed to gaze upon him in such an outfit.


For more details about Pokémon Masters EX and its anniversary events, head on over to the official Pokémon website and see what awaits on the island of Pasio!


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