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Another full Gala Dragalia is on the way for Dragalia Lost, and this time around it’s bringing another new dragon. Thor, who has previously appeared as the pactbound dragon of the royal sibling Valyx, will be energizing Light adventurers for those who can summon him.



If the precedent set by fellow Gala dragons Mars and Cat Sith, players will want to get their hands on Thor. Judging by his skill descriptions on the Dragalia Lost site, he’ll be able to build up Energy both the adventurer equipping him and their entire team all while providing up to a 95% strength increase. 

Also coming in this Gala will be the recently introduced characters of the Agents of the Goddess facility event that’s currently ongoing. This includes the dragon Ramliel as well as the characters Nevin and Pinon. The two adventurers have a unique “Locked Sigil” feature that will release and empower them as time goes on during a quest. It’s another show of how Dragalia is willing to play with its own mechanics and introduce new ones fairly regularly. 

This latest Gala Dragalia will begin tonight, August 28th, at 11 p.m. PT. The boosted summon event will continue to be available until September 2nd.   


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Written by Ricky Berg

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