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Some games work their way into your memory and others into your reflexes, but EarthBound has a habit of sticking with your heart. Could be its odd fascination with Americana or the superb localization, or all the little moments along the way that build up to a cosmic-nightmare finale. Whatever it is though, it’s worth celebrating, and that’s just what its creator’s company is doing.

It may be a no frills message, but Shigesato Itoi’s Hobonichi Mother Project has marked the birthday of EarthBound (or Mother 2, if you prefer) with a commemorative tweet. Though no games have come since the eternally unlocalized Mother 3, it’s been a fantastic year for Mother fans as far as Japanese merchandise goes.

Hobonichi Mother Project reveals t-shirts and Mr. Saturn tote bag

Mother series merchandise line from Hobonichi Techo returning in 2021

Hobonichi also shared a cute little Japanese infographic explaining how fans or those curious can play the game. It may be from last year, but it continues to be a shining example of why you might want to keep your Wii U plugged in.

Hopefully EarthBound can make its way to Switch Online’s SNES title list, but for now take a coffee break and think about why you love the game to wish it the hapoy birthday it deserves.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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