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For Pokémon GO Trainers that need to know what’s inside of every little update Niantic releases for Pokémon GO, have a seat and be ready to delve into a mega datamine. As for Trainers that would rather be left unspoiled, it’s time to run away and close this tab. Last chance!

The datamining group, PokéMiners, had their work cut out with tearing apart APK 0.185.0 (Version 1.151 on Apple devices). This update is huge and brings in the framework for a new way to battle.




We’re getting close to Mega Evolution being implemented into Pokémon GO! Here’s a quick rundown of what was discovered:

  • Mega Evolution icons
  • Coding for Mega Evolution to activate in Pokémon battles
  • Badges: Total Mega Evolutions and Unique Mega Evolutions. Requirements haven’t been specified yet.
  • Quest involving Mega Evolution
  • Mega Raids
  • Mega Candy: reward from Mega Raids and not specifically tied to a certain line of Pokémon. Possibly used to make a Pokémon Mega Evolve.
  • Only Mega X and Y evolution commands have been spotted, but the framework is there for other evolutions (i.e.: Primal, Giga, Dynamax).
  • Mega Evolution animations: transforming into Mega Evolution version and reverting back.
  • Trigger for Mega Evolution forms to be registered into your Pokédex
  • Mega Evolution has a time limit in place
  • Mega Evolution does give the Pokémon a stats boost, but how that’s calculated isn’t determined yet.
  • “Mega Energy” (no further details have been found)
  • New music associated with Mega Raid battles



Professor Willow has invited some friends along for a questline! The “SPECIAL_GUEST_#” code was found and had numbers 1 – 5. According to PokéMIners, these appear with Professor Willow’s quest cutscenes. As for who he’ll be talking to, that’s unknown.

New Event Badges (numbered 11 – 30) have been discovered. They’re not specifically tied to any events yet, and appear to be acting as placeholders for future updates.

Pokémon Storage is getting some fine-tuning in the Search and Filter functions. Plus, a check to see if a Pokémon is only available in Pokémon GO (i.e.: party hats and costumes) has been implemented. Yes, this is being speculated as getting Pokémon GO closer to working with Pokémon HOME, but there isn’t enough information to properly support this idea.

Something called “Item Sticker Inventory” has been found. This has been a requested feature ever since Stickers were implemented into the Pokémon GO gift system and the latest findings of getting Stickers from Poké Stops and gifts from your Pokémon Buddy.

Niantic has also been upgrading AR features and the game’s mapping system. For the full details and break down, check out the thread hosted on r/TheSilphRoad


Ok, that was a Mega Evolved sized datamine. Excited to see this mechanic from the Kalos region make its way to Pokémon GO? While you wait, definitely start prepping your Pokémon that can Mega Evolve and be ready to battle when Niantic releases the feature to the world!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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