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Those who have been missing their regular visits to the Nintendo New York store may be in luck, as it looks as though the store is now making preparations to reopen after its COVID-19-related closure.

YouTube user KirbyGCN17 made a trip to Nintendo NY on July 24th and provided footage of his visit, with signs suggesting the store will be open again such as active TV displays and an organized, customer-ready layout.



KirbyGCN17 also interviewed one of Nintendo NY’s loyal customers, Matt, who explained some of the recent changes that he has observed that may point to a reopening.

“So, basically what I’ve been noticing from looking inside the store is that they’ve put social distancing markers for people to kind of space themselves out from each other,” Matt says.

“They’re implementing the Warp Pipe pass system that they’ve done for events in the past to make sure that the store isn’t at too much of a high capacity,” Matt continues. “And also, they’ve already put shields on the checkout counters to prevent employees from spreading anything — or customers as well — and overall they put a lot of signs up around the store to ensure everyone knows procedures for how to keep themselves safe and healthy.”

It’s worth noting that, while these observations seem like a positive step, there has been no official word on a potential reopening from Nintendo or Nintendo NY staff.

The Nintendo New York store closed its doors back in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic; at the time, no word was given regarding its reopening.

Here’s hoping Matt’s prediction of a mid-to-late August opening comes true so that all of those quality Nintendo goodies aren’t trapped behind glass for too much longer!


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Written by Reece Heather

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