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G4, the video games-focused television network that went off the air in 2014, has teased its possible return in 2021.

A brief teaser aired during Comic-Con@Home on IGN Live, which was tweeted out by the official IGN Twitter account.



The video referenced a few running jokes from throughout G4’s lifespan, including the “Golden Mullet Award” and “Sessler’s Soapbox.”

The teaser ends on a video of the classic game Pong being played (which was also shown during the final moments of G4 before it went off the air six years ago and aired for a week straight during the channel’s launch week) before the appearance of the G4 logo.

“2021” and “We never stopped playing” appear shortly afterward, accompanied by the network’s jingle.

Although the original G4 was a cable television channel, it’s unknown in what format the return of G4 will take.


G4 TV personalities respond


The official G4TV Twitter account, Attack of the Show! Twitter account, and X-Play Twitter account were also reactivated to tweet the teaser, prompting responses from many of the former network’s stars including Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, and Kevin Pereira.

All three accounts now have “We never stopped playing” as their bios.

“Well, this is a curious turn of events,” Sessler, who hosted the video game review show X-Play on G4, tweeted.



Morgan Webb, who co-hosted X-Play, chimed in with, “I’m just impressed someone remembered the password to the twitter.”

Former Attack of the Show! co-host Olivia Munn also tweeted a reference to her time on the show, with a GIF of her dancing in a Sailor Moon costume.



Kevin Pereira, who also co-hosted Attack of the Show!, tweeted “int main() { // WTFBBQOMGGKTHXBYE printf(“Hello, World!”); return 2021; }” in reply to the teaser.

Other G4 personalities like Alison Haislip, Tiffany Smith, and Jessica Chobot also tweeted about the network’s potential return.


G4’s history


G4 went on the air in 2002, launching with the tagline “TV for Gamers” and 10 original shows all focused on video games, including multiplayer competitive show Arena, trailer showcase Cinematech, tips and tricks show Cheat!, and roundtable talk show

In 2004, the network merged with TechTV, a tech and internet-focused cable network. The combined entity was briefly called “G4techTV.”



With the acquisition, G4 added TechTV programming like tech variety show The Screen Savers and game review show X-Play; later, G4 revamped The Screen Savers into the pop culture-centric Attack of the Show!

In 2005, “TechTV” was dropped from the “G4techTV” name in the United States, becoming “G4” once again and adopting the new tagline “Videogame TV.”

In years leading following, G4 became increasingly less video game-focused and more of a general men’s lifestyle channel, airing reruns of shows like Star TrekCOPSCheaters, and Lost.

Network mismanagement and a loss of viewership eventually led to the channel’s demise in 2014, when all operations were shut down.

What’re your thoughts on the possible return of G4? What form do you think it will take? Let us know in the comments!

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