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An epic awaits for Pikachu! There are Mythical and Legendary Pokémon to find, befriend, train with, and battle against. This is the theme for a new merchandise collection at Pokémon Center Japan. In addition to that, The Pokémon Company is tasking Inu Bag Co. to make some extremely sturdy traveling bags. It can be a long, long journey after all.

From the artwork shared, Pikachu will be meeting Mew, Lugia, Rayquaza, Darkrai, Zeraora, and Kubfu. While the merchandise is primarily Pikachu-focused, these Mythical and Legendary Pokémon do appear on a few items! 


The Pikachu Adventure collection will be available for purchase on July 21st at Japan’s Pokémon Center Online site, followed by an in-store release on July 23rd. Select items will be available for sale on Pokémon Center’s store with pre-order starting on July 23rd. Those items include the following:

  • Pikachu Adventure plush toy
  • Pikachu Adventure mascot
  • Inu Bag Co. Pikachu Adventure backpack
  • Inu Bag Co. Pikachu Adventure 2-way combo tote
  • Inu Bag Co. Pikachu Adventure shoulder bag
  • Inu Bag Co. Pikachu Adventure “dog bag”
  • Pikachu Adventure t-shirts
  • Pikachu Adventure hand towel
  • Pikachu Adventure gadget pouch
  • Pikachu Adventure drawstring bag with handle 
  • Pikachu Adventure big rubber keychain
  • Pikachu Adventure thermos (stainless steel bottle)

Looking to import any part of the collection, or will you be waiting to see if any of the pieces make it over to North America’s Pokémon Center? The Inu Bag Co. bags might not make the journey, but hopefully the Pikachu Adventure plushie does!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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