When Pokémon GO launched four years ago, many had doubts on just what the AR game could be, and how long it would last. Fast forward to the present, though, and the Niantic game has now grossed $3.6 billion in revenue from player spending. 

The data comes from Sensor Tower, a mobile market growth and analysis firm, who shared its report yesterday. The firm mentioned that 35.4% of player spending has come from the United States, with Japan and Germany accounting for the second and third positions, respectively. 

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokémon GO is still on pace to match, or exceed, 2019’s record spending of $905 million globally. 

At this point, it’s safe to say that Pokémon GO is the current champion of location-based gaming, seeing year-over-year growth since its inception, and is showing no signs of slowing.


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Written by Caleb Mina

A father, photographer, and husband, Caleb still finds time to create content about his favorite company Nintendo. You can still catch him riding a Tauros to hatch Shiny Pokémon eggs.

Caleb Mina

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