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Next week will be an exciting one, if what Japanese technology journalist Zenji Nishikawa’s hint at a huge reveal is true. Nishikawa mentioned during a YouTube livestream that a “huge scoop” will be published the 4th of June in an issue of Weekly Famitsu, where he currently writes columns about digital tech.

He describes the news as “a world premiere article,” one that will rival Wired’s exclusive scoop on the PlayStation 5. Read the translation of his livestream down below.

“My column in next week’s issue of Famitsu is crazy. I got a huge scoop… It’s a world premiere article. And an exclusive. It may not be Nikkei or Weekly Bunshun, but if you want to know if it’s a scoop that big…it totally is! It’s a scoop from a game company that everyone loves. An insane scoop. Last year, Wired got the exclusive story on PlayStation 5, right? Other media didn’t. It’s that level of a scoop. I interviewed a certain company’s executive and technical staff, it’s really revolutionary… really, it’s a revolution.

It’ll be in Famitsu next Thursday. I already sent in my manuscript, so the proofs are being made now. It’s a scoop on a level that when the story comes out, other media will make a fuss to the company like, ‘Why didn’t you let us cover it?’ Maybe people will say, ‘Who was the first to break that story?,’ ‘It was Zenji Nishikawa, right?’ It’s a scoop as major as the PlayStation 5 scoop. I just wanted to say that in advance.

I can’t say [anything more] here, but it’s OK for me to tease it (laughs). I was told that it’s OK to do so at various meetings. It’s being talked about in other places. Just not by the media. It’ll rile up the games industry.” 

Though Sega is not directly stated, some noticed that the company may have accidentally been name-dropped. Nishikawa continued this rumor by confirming that the big reveal wasn’t the Dreamcast 2. All in all, we’ll all just have to wait to see what next week brings, but it’s important to note that June 3rd, the day before this column will be released, is Sega’s 60th anniversary. 

Source: Gamestalk | Via: Gematsu


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