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Some days, seeing Tom Nook on your Switch screen isn’t enough. Right? Some days, a whole bunch of pixels on a TV aren’t enough to fill that raccoon-shaped hole in your heart. We can’t help that we all adore Mr. Nook and his business-savvy antics, and we can’t help that we all need as much of him as our inferior human brains will allow us to consume. It’s fine. It’s normal.

It’s normal that I want to buy a Tom Nook hood for my cat. It’s normal that I want to adopt a cat specifically so that I can buy a cheap knockoff Tom Nook hood for that cat.

Now if you, too, are feeling the unrequited urge to dress your cat up like a little Tom Nook, so that they can run around the house and knock over things but look even cuter doing it, then congratulations! You can!

It’s easy. All it takes is a quick visit to, or likely any of the number of Chinese ecommerce sites where you can get products like this, and put in your search. “Tom Nook cat hood,” “cat costume Tom Nook,” or “make my cat look like the fat little bell goblin from animal crossing” should all work as appropriate searches, but anything will do as long as you get the general gist across. And lucky you: it doesn’t just stop at hoods! You can also buy cute little tropical shirts that match Tom Nook’s in-game, and give your cat even more of a reason to fight back.

Unless your cat really likes wearing this stuff. In that case, more power to you and them.

Have fun trying to get all this only our cat without getting scratched or bitten!

Via: Kotaku


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Written by George Comatas

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