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Over the last few months, various Nintendo hardware, games, and demos have been leaked on 4chan. A new leak went public today and it contains everything you could possibly want to know about the Nintendo Wii.

Prototype Wii Controller

The leak has been making waves online. Atheerios, creator of the discussion thread all about this leak and what it entails on Resetera, went on to break down what is apart of this new leak:

-Source code for boot0/1/2

  • -Block diagram/datasheets for every system component & Verilog for AES/SHA
  • -Documents from BroadOn describing feature planning and implementation + APIs + docs for internal software
  • -Full IOS SDK
  • -Source code for IOS (IOS is the Wii Operating System)
  • -Planning docs for implementation of the system from 2004-2006
  • -some wii sdk library source code (DVD, EXI)
  • -source code and info on manufacturing and publishing systems
  • -some misc. nintendo stuff (internal WPAD SDK from 2005, Wii Overview from RVL_SDK 1.0)
  • -“sdboot”, a special manufacturing version of boot2 which loads data from the SD card; is very buggy and likely exploitable for boot2 code execution on all Wiis (it is retail signed)
  • -gamecube and ique stuff as well (internal gamecube docs including physical disc layout, massive 2GB+ iQue dump including full CVS for that as well)

The big takeaway from this entire leak is that it contains all files necessary to see how a Nintendo Wii is made, from coding language to individual parts. This will certainly summon NIntendo’s legal division as, theoretically, someone can manufacture a bootleg Nintendo Wii and sell it.

Along with this leak, videos of Nintendo 64 demos have been published on YouTube. They’re fairly typical hardware demos, showing off effects (visual and sound) and what kind of games are possible for the unit.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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