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Following from the rerun of last year’s Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes crossover, even more familiar characters are arriving in-game. The Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties event will add four more heroes as playable adventurers, along with new quests, rewards, and some curious interactions.


Leading the event is the previously announced Sharena, who will be free to keep for those who participate enough during the active period. Players can also try to summon Heroes newcomer Peony, Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Chrom (with a Lissa and Frederick cameo), and the young version of recurring character Tiki.

During the event you’ll be able to play through defensive battles, facing off with hordes of enemies, as well as unique boss fights against the new Fire Emblem characters. A Coliseum mode will also be introduced, where it will be possible to face waves of Dragalia Lost characters in unique battles of their own.

Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties will come to Dragalia Lost starting April 29th at 11 p.m. PT, with Peony and Chrom’s summoning showcase arriving the same day. Tiki’s separate showcase and the Coliseum will follow on May 3rd.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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