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For all the Pokémon GO Trainers out there still playing at home, it looks like Niantic has more plans to update the game, to make it easier to enjoy while self-isolating or just in individual settings in general. The developers seem to be hard at work to ensure that fans of the game are still enjoying themselves even with a more limited ability to go out and explore, and these upcoming changes highlighted on the official Pokémon GO blog seem to really have that in thought process behind them at their core.

The first couple updates that are coming seem to really have individual play in mind, with features like Raids and Gifts becoming much easier without having to leave home. A new item, called Remote Raid Passes, will be introduced to allow players to participate in any nearby Raids they can see on their screen, without having to be up close. And spinning Poké Stops is becoming even more obsolete for the time being, with a bonus Field Research task being given every day, as well as Buddy Pokémon fetching Gifts from nearby Poké Stops when you’re running low.

A couple of quality of life changes will also be introduced, which will allow you to extend item times for Incense, Star Pieces, or Lucky Eggs, by using another one — rather than having to wait for the timer to run out completely. You’ll also be able to power up a Pokémon to the desired CP all at one time, using up all the required Candy and Stardust in one go instead of having to do it incrementally.

Alongside these, Niantic also assures us to stay tuned for even more updates, including an “improved battle-screen design.” What the rest of these changes will include isn’t known yet, but make sure to stay tuned to find out as soon as they’re announced!

Read more about each of these upcoming updates on the official Pokémon GO blog


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