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It’s Animal Crossing season, and if you’re looking to increase your appreciation and fandom of the series, a new book has been revealed that may scratch that itch: the Animal Crossing Memories book is now available to pre-order via Amazon Japan.

The Japanese fan book takes an in-depth look at all the Animal Crossing games, starting with the original Nintendo 64 Dōbutsu no Mori and running through Animal Crossing: New Horizons. All 80 pages of content seem to be geared towards series’ fans, with key moments highlighted throughout and detailed. Also of note is the weekly calendar found in the book’s appendix.

The Animal Crossing Memories book will set you back about $20, and is scheduled for release on March 16th.


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Written by Caleb Mina

A father, photographer, and husband, Caleb still finds time to create content about his favorite company Nintendo. You can still catch him riding a Tauros to hatch Shiny Pokémon eggs.