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Even though Super Nintendo World is set to open in Tokyo in the next few months, Universal Studios has yet to reveal all of the information about the park. A media event a few months ago unveiled some of the details of the park, including the emphasis on using special Power-Up Bands to interact with the world and an accompanying app. While we were given a glimpse of the bands, no elaborate detailing about them was provided.

YouTube channel Theme Park Stop has posted a video taking a deep dive into the details of the new technology. They take a look at the numerous patents filed by the company, as well as rumors and confirmed details, to form a better image of how the gamification of the land will happen. Players will be able to use the bands to collect coins, interact with objects, and collect keys. It seems that by collecting keys, players can take on enemies as a group. The video also points out that the patents speak of a “final boss,” who’s rumored to be Bowser Jr. The patents make reference to controlling avatars on large screens that mimic your movements, as well as power-ups, like the Fire Flower.

Assuming all of the technology works the way it should, and the massive crowds won’t be out of hand, this could be a huge change for the theme park industry. We’ll be updating you whenever any official word on the opening date or the details of the park lands — so stay tuned.



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Written by Bryan Finch

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