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The “Ice Tour” has kicked off in Mario Kart Tour, adding Ice Mario, Penguin Luigi, and Peach (Wintertime) as playable characters along with two new courses, four new karts, and three new gliders.



Peach (Wintertime) and Penguin Luigi will be the Ice Tour’s High-End Spotlight drivers, only available during the duration of the event, while Ice Mario has been added as a regular High-End driver; Peach (Wintertime) will be the first High-End Spotlight driver available during the event, with a pipe featuring Penguin Luigi coming at a later date.

Both Ice Mario and Penguin Luigi come equipped with the new Ice Flower item.

Meanwhile, Vanilla Lake 1 (SNES) and Frappe Snowland (N64) have been added as new tracks.

Additionally, the Blue Seven, P-Wing, Gilded Prancer, Ice-blue Poltergust, have been added as new karts and the Gold Swooper, Blizzard Parasol, and Blizzard Balloons have been added as new gliders.

Those with the paid Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription will be able to get their hands on the exclusive Black B Dasher kart and Gold Swooper glider as tour gifts; subscribers and non-subscribers alike can receive Shy Guy as a tour gift, as well.

The Ice Tour event will run until January 28th, 2020 at 9:59 p.m. PST.

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