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After releasing the launch for BurgerTime Party on the Nintendo Switch in October, XSEED Games has just shared a thrilling demo for the title. This burger builder game was originally published in 1982, and now you can relive stages of the past through classic mode!

Today, the game is available as a free download, allowing players to get a taste of four different gameplay styles in this fresh spin on the arcade classic. Single player “Solo Burger” mode is offered, along with “Main Burger” mode (featuring massive levels for 1-4 players), the PVP “Battle Burger” mode, and the arcade-style “Challenge Burger” mode.



To satisfy the hunger for those wanting the full meal, the game is on sale as $13.99 today through January 16th, and then it’ll be sold at its standard price of $19.99. So if you’re craving burger themed classic arcade games, be sure to give this game a bite!


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Written by Meghan Nigrelli

As a singer, voice actress, gamer, and writer, Meghan strives to blend all of her nerdy passions together to create exciting online content. When she’s not writing for Zelda Universe or Nintendo Wire, she is usually found voicing Tails and Amy Rose in Sonic animations at Sasso Studios.