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January is in full swing, which means that Funko’s newest A Day with Pikachu figure will release soon! Get ready for a totally startled looking Pikachu, as the poor Electric-type can be seen scared out of its mind while on a wintry stroll in the snow. Looks like it happened to come across a sweet, little Diglett that popped out of the ground — quite unexpectedly, too!

We’ve seen Pikachu express an array of emotions across the entire Day with Pikachu line — from crying (Rainy Day), to celebratory (Sparking Up a Celebration), to quizzical (A Cool New Friend), to outright happy (pretty much all the other figures); it’s been fun watching the cutie don such a wide range of looks over the past year!

Speaking of which, Surprising Weather Ahead marks the last known figure in the Day with Pikachu line from Funko. While it’s sad to see the series end, we’re keeping our fingers crossed the toy company will introduced a new collection we can all get excited over sometime in 2020.

You can expect this newest figure to be released in January. Once it’s available over the Pokémon Center, we’ll make sure to let you know — so stay tuned!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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