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A new “Buddy Adventure” feature will be launching in Pokémon GO, introducing Pokémon Camp and Pokémon Amie gameplay originally seen in main series Pokémon games.

Along with a video, Niantic released a blog post announcing the news:


“Get ready to explore the world with your Buddy Pokémon! In the all-new Buddy Adventure feature, your buddy will be by your side in your Pokémon GO explorations like never before.

Buddy Adventure is an elevated bonding experience for Trainers and their buddies. You’ll get to know your Buddy Pokémon’s mood as you increase your Buddy Level by playing with your buddy, feeding your buddy treats, and battling and exploring with your buddy. In addition, swapping Buddy Pokémon no longer resets progress toward earning Candy. Like any great Pokémon Trainer, you’ll find that the world around you will become richer with Pokémon by your side as they grow with you and help you along your journey.”


The game will introduce a new “buddy profile page” on which players can feed their buddy Berries to increase their Buddy Level.

On the buddy profile page, players can also interact with their buddy with a new “Play!” option or by feeding them treats.

Buddies can be played with in AR+ mode, with different Pokémon reacting in different ways.



Niantic has also announced that, following the “Buddy Adventure” update, another update will allow buddy Pokémon to meet other players’ buddies in “Shared AR Experience” mode.

“In the new Shared AR Experience mode, you can sync up with up to two other Trainers with AR+ to take a group photo with your buddies together!” Niantic’s blog post says. “It’ll be the perfect chance to create your own epic Pokémon moments and capture new Pokémon memories with your friends!”

The Buddy Adventure feature is set to launch “around the world” by 2020.

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