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Last night a brand new Feh Channel broadcast surprise-dropped, gracing us with another bout of information from the Order of Heroes messenger owl and mobile game mascot extraordinaire — Feh! If you want all the info as it was delivered, have a look at the broadcast below and then read on for all the latest coming to Fire Emblem Heroes:



Mjölnir’s Strike

The majority of this Feh Channel was focused a new game mode coming in the Version 4.0 update. Called Mjölnir’s Strike; it’s based on original character Thórr, who has appeared in various other modes here and there in previous updates. Mjölnir’s Strike will see hordes of enemies invading the Kingdom of Askr, and it’s up to all us summoners to hold them off across a multi-phase event.

The first, Brace phase, will involve surveying the oncoming army and their commander. During this you’ll be able to set a defensive team and structures (think Aether Raids) called Mechanisms. Unique to Mjölnir’s Strike, you’ll be deploying eight heroes across four sets of Pair Up brackets each with a unique bonus. One of these will be your main offensive force and will actually be able to move around the battlefield without drawing any enemy attention or attacks while the other three pairs will get buffed stats to keep the enemies at bay.

Next is Shield phase, which appears to simply be putting your Brace phase setup into practice with the game’s familiar battles. It’s in the third, Counter phase where things get interesting. Based on your Shield phase performance, you’ll earn Counter Arrows to load into a giant ballista/cannon hybrid. Firing these off will combine with other players’ results to build up a total score which’ll then determine both a player-base shared Askr Level (for feathers) and your personal reward tier during the downtime/Rest phase. This will be similar to other, tier-based scoring currently in Fire Emblem Heroes, but will have unique rewards like Mjölnir’s Strike specific resources and an unexplained new item called Divine Codes.

New features and Heroes

Details and additions for the Version update were provided, particularly to Hero profile screens. Now, whenever you’re on a character’s info screen, there’ll be three new buttons along the bottom. These will allow you to learn their skills, adjust what skills and seals they have equipped, and set skill sets for different situations/quick-changing. While adding and editing skills has been in Fire Emblem Heroes since the beginning, this convenient new method cuts back on menu management and makes for a smoother user experience.

Other additions and updates in this version will include structure level cap increases in Aether Raids, new unlockable music for the Aether Resort Concert Hall, scoring adjustments for featured Arena season Heroes, and new weapon skills and refinements for some currently available characters. Speaking of characters, a new batch of Heroes from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 were spotlighted and will be part of a new, upcoming summoning focus. They (particularly Mareeta) seem quite formidable, but they’re also joined by a mysterious new character as well…



Book IV begins

As detailed by Feh, the story of Fire Emblem Heroes is opening a new chapter. Book IV will take Alfonse and Sharena to Ljósálfheimr — the realm of dreams. That mysterious new character is Peony, a fairy-like ljósálfar who will be this Book’s spotlight character like Fjorm and Eir before her. A flower themed flying dancer, she’ll join your team once you complete the first chapter of Book IV for free!


She isn’t the only new face though. A new book means new foes, and among them are the mysterious Triandra and Plumeria. How things will play out as they (seemingly) invade the realm of dreams will form the newest plot threads of the ever growing Fire Emblem Heroes story.

Book IV will begin when the game updates tonight, December 5th at 11 p.m. PT. The Thracia 776 characters summoning focus will also begin at that time, as will a new log-in bonus to celebrate all this newness. Mjölnir’s Strike will begin its first Brace phase on December 8th, and the Version 4.0 update is available to download now.


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