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For those of you with kids or younger siblings who share a passion for Pokémon with you, The Pokémon Company is launching a brand new program specifically for younger Trainers!

Officially dubbed the Pokémon Club, this program is a weekly event that will happen on Saturdays at local stores in your area where Play! Pokémon events are already happening. As stated, these events are tailored towards younger fans who are interested in the TCG, games, or animation, and are meant to act as fun meetups without the added pressure of formal competition, where fans can meet others who are interested in the franchise!

When fans attend for the first time, they’ll get a Trainer Card that they can then use to track every event they attend thereafter. And you’ll want to make sure you attend a lot and track each one, because fans will get rewards for attending each week! While the official Pokémon website states that their current rewards include promo cards for the TCG and stickers, they make sure to mention that more rewards are on their way.

Pokémon Club is just getting started, and will launch with about 50 participating stores — which you can see a full list of on the official Pokémon website. Over the next few months, more stores across the United States will be added to the list of participating venues, and they’ll even be adding Pokémon Club events to their official Event Locator. So, if you don’t see a nearby store listed now, keep checking back!

The first Pokémon Club events officially kicked off this past weekend, so check to see if your store is participating!


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Written by George Comatas

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