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Two paid subscription plans are coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the form of the “Pocket Camp Club,” with shared and exclusive benefits to both.

Subscribers to the “Happy Helper Plan” and the “Cookie & Depot Plan” will receive greatly-reduced crafting times (amenities that usually take 24 hours to craft will instead take 30 minutes, for instance) as well as access to the “Pocket Camp Club Journal,” an in-game newsletter that’ll share details about campers and previews of upcoming items.

The announcement of paid plans coming to the game was made earlier this week, with promises of more details to follow.


“Happy Helper Plan”



The “Happy Helper Plan” allows players to choose a camper to become their “camp caretaker”; this caretaker will then fulfill any animal requests the player has while they aren’t playing and hand over the rewards when the player logs back in.

Additionally, the camp caretaker will also help out with special events like gyroidite scavenger hunts, Fishing Tourneys, and gardening.

Lastly, players will receive 60 free Leaf Tickets every month when the membership renews.

Those unsure of the value of the Happy Helper Plan can opt in for a one-month free trial; otherwise, the subscription will cost $2.99 USD a month.


“Cookie & Depot Plan”



The second membership plan, the “Cookie & Depot Plan,” will allow access to a “members-only” Fortune Cookie Shop, in which subscribers can select five premium fortune cookies every month — including out-of-stock cookies unavailable in the regular shop.

The Cookie & Depot Plan also grants access to “warehouses” where players can store up to 5,000 items including clothes, furniture, and more.

The Cookie & Depot Plan will cost $7.99 USD a month and, unlike the Happy Helper Plan, it doesn’t appear a free trial is available for this one.

No dates were given for when these plans are set to go live, but stay connected to Nintendo Wire for more info as it becomes available!

What are your thoughts on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s new subscription plans? Let us know in the comments!

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