Earlier today, we got our first official look at Sonic’s redesign for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The internet seems to strongly agree that the new design looks much better than before, which is a testament to the hard work the filmmakers put in to make things right.

They didn’t do it alone though, as Sonic Mania animator Tyson Hesse helped out with the new design. Hesse took to Twitter to express his excitement about his involvement with the film, saying that working with the movie team was an experience he will never forget.


Hesse is very familiar with the Blue Blur, having worked on the Sonic comic franchise across its Archie and IDW runs, writing and designing Sonic Mania Adventures, and working on Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive. And that’s all in addition to his beautiful cutscene work in Sonic Mania.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie comes out next year on February 14th. Haven’t seen the new trailer yet? You can watch it now:



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Written by Logan Plant

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