The next season of the Pokémon anime is taking a break from the typical formula to explore the entire Pokémon world, rather than just the Galar region. As a result there’s expected to be a lot of variety in the adventures Ash and his new companion Gou get up to, and to match that some new artwork from various illustrators has been released for most of the first nine episodes. Check them out below, courtesy of Siliconera.

Ep 1: Pikachu is Born!

Illustrator: Atsuko Nishida


Ep 2: Ash and Go For A Ride!

Illustrator: Hyogonosuke


Ep 3: Isn’t Bulbasaur Mysterious?

Illustrator: Hitoshi Ariga


Ep 5: A giant Snorlax?! The mystery of Dynamax!

Illustrator: Hyogonosuke


Ep 6: Catching a lot of Pokemon! The Path to Mew!

Illustrator: Naoki Saitou


Ep 8: Don’t Lose, Piplup! A Rapids Race in Sinnoh!

Illustrator: Hitoshi Ariga


Ep 9: The promise made that day! The legend of Ho-oh!

Illustrator: Naoki Saitou


The new season of the Pokémon anime is set to start airing on November 17th in Japan.

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Written by Tom Brown

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