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As promised earlier this week, we have some details regarding Dragalia Lost’s very left-field Mega Man cross-over, courtesy of director Yuji Okada via the official Dragalia blog.

While there’s no footage of the blue bomber in action, we now know how he’ll play. For starters, he’s technically classed as a Wand user, but he plays unlike them, being able to fire off multiple shots at once, use his Charge Shot, and even his roll is replaced with the iconic Mega Man 3 slide move.

We also find out that Mega Man’s “shapeshift” instead summons the loyal robot dog companion Rush and they team up to unleash Rush Jet. Should Mega Man be defeated, he’ll explode just like he does in his games.

There’ll also be a variety of weapons released alongside Mega Man that allow other adventurers to use his Charge Shot when they’re equipped, and finally there’s confirmation iconic Mega Man music tracks, like Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2, will be arranged just for the game, with the original tracks being unlockable “by meeting certain conditions.”

A video is promised to be released in the middle of November, and the event itself is expected to begin at the end of the month.

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Written by Tom Brown

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