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After taking E3 2019 by storm with her earnest charm and stage presence, Ikumi Nakamura may have just won the internet’s attention all over again. A short clip and tweet was posted today of her with PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya, the man behind Bayonetta and Viewtiful Joe, among others. It’s the two’s main shared credit that gets spotlighted, though — a little game called Ōkami.


The tweet states clearly that the two would love to revisit Ōkami’s beautiful world, for which Kamiya was director and story lead, while Nakamura designed backgrounds. They call for a sequel, both rallying fans to agree and shouting out Ōkami IP holder Capcom. There’s a certain playfulness to the video clip, mind you, but if words are to be believed, then “Ōkami is going to be back.”

Let us know if you would want an Ōkami sequel, because if it involves these two, then we absolutely do.   


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Written by Ricky Berg

When he isn’t writing for Nintendo Wire, Ricky’s anticipating the next Kirby, Fire Emblem, or if the stars ever align, Mother 3 to be released. Till then he’ll have the warm comfort of Super Smash Bros. to keep him going.