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There’s a never ending stream of cuteness flowing to Japanese Pokémon Center stores — some of the merch makes its way here to the West, and some doesn’t. If the latter happens to befall this upcoming collection, at least importing is an option!

If you’re a fan of Ditto or seeing your favorite Pokémon depicted as a Ditto transformation, you’re in luck, as the Pokémon Center will be receiving more themed plushes in just a few days. From Mew, to Mimikyu, to Exeggutor, and more — you can get a small preview at the adorable plush ‘mon hitting the PC soon:

This little series includes a mix of plushes and key chain plushes, with the former costing 1,200 yen (approximately $11 USD) and the second falling at 800 yen (approximately $7.50 USD). They’ll all be available on store shelves on Saturday, October 12th. For a look at the full collection, head over to the Pokémon Center’s dedicated Ditto plush page!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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