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It’s time to strum those guitar strings to the beat of the Pokémon theme song, as a whole bunch of musical themed goods are making their way to Japan Pokémon Center stores in a couple of weeks. That’s right: Pikachu, Zeraora, and other familiar ‘mon are hitting the stage in the form of real instruments, apparel, plushes, bags, ticket holders, and more.

Have a look at part of the electrifying lineup:


This series of items features two well-known brands: Fernandes Co. (“Japan’s leading guitar maker that produces and sells original electric guitars”) and MILKFED (a fashion line geared towards girls who want to look good for everyday life).

Maybe you’ve been waiting to see Pikachu with a guitar in-hand, or you’ve been needing some themed merch to enclose tickets for the next concert you and your friends are heading to — you’ll no doubt find something here to add to your wish list. The fact that this collection is even offering a real guitar with Pikachu plastered on the front of it is enough reason to save up some extra cash for sure, whether you even play the strings or not. You’ve gotta admit: it’d make a pretty sweet piece of decor!

The Pokémon Center Band Festival collection will hit stores on October 12th. You can check out the entire series of products and more info about the brands over at the Pokémon Center’s page dedicated to Band Festival!


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