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It looks like everybody’s favorite(?) US games retailer is getting a bit of a makeover — a video of a new redesigned GameStop store layout has appeared online, and it’s pretty clean:


Are you ready? WE ARE!!

Posted by GameStop Pryor Plaza on Sunday, September 8, 2019

We can see a lot more efficient use of space, a fancy little lounge area, a wider selection of products, an area for tabletop games, and — most regrettably — an entire shelf dedicated to Funko Pops. It appears to be a lot sleeker, wider-reaching, and more accommodating than the old design, so it might be able to help alleviate GameStop’s recent financial woes.

According to IGN, not all redesigned stores will look like the above — some will be more slanted towards eSports, and others will hold to the more traditional GS layout. Stay wired for more information on GameStop layouts coming soon.


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