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Ah, fall. The perfect time for… ballroom dancing? Well, they needed some kind of seasonal unit for Fire Emblem Heroes in September, and evidently the theme they went with is “getting jiggy with it,” as another round of dancer alts has been announced for FEH.

Starting September 6th at the roll of midnight, you can roll for soiree-variants of Ishtar (Red Mage Flier), Berkut (Lance Infantry), Nephenee (Bow Infantry), and Reinhardt (Green Mage Flier). All come with the Dance Assist skill, naturally. This marks the first alternate appearance for Ishtar and Nephenee, and the second for Berkut and Reinhardt (whose weapon once again comes with a Brave effect because why wouldn’t it?)

In addition, the upcoming Tempest Trials event will at long last add Berkut’s bride Rinea to the game, filling a gap long felt by all the Valentia lovers out there. To anybody still clinging to orbs after August’s onslaught of banners, good luck on this one!

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