Plenty of characters have gotten shiny Legendary alternates in Fire Emblem Heroes, and yet, there’s been a fairly glaring omission in the selection of such units so far – none of them have hailed from the continent of Jugdral. This month’s Legendary Hero fixes that, as Julia, heir to the divine Book of Naga, is August’s pick for the Legendary slot.

Julia was technically leaked far earlier in the month, but is now officially announced, packing a huge loadout – consisting of unique weapon Virtuous Naga (effective against dragons and grants boosts to Atk and Res if her Atk is higher than the enemy’s), Dragon Fang, Mirror Impact, Atk/Res Oath, and unique skill Light and Dark (lowers enemy stats, disables bonuses, and makes dragons target her Res during combat). Yet another dragonslaying unit with a huge emphasis on Atk and Res. Also, whether by coincidence or by design, this is the second Legendary/Mythic Hero in a row voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris. Fo figure.

The selection of units for the LHE is as great as ever. At a boosted 8% rate, you can roll for: Red (Vanguard Ike, Legendary Roy, Hot Springs Elise), Blue (Legendary Julia, Legendary Tiki, Naga), Green (Gunnthra, Kaden, Valentine’s Mist), and Colorless (Duma, Female Grima, Valentine’s Bruno). The banner starts on the 28th and lasts for less than a week, so get those rolls in while you can, summoners!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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