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We’ve seen Nintendo collaborate with a number of companies over the past few years, with all them giving fans something uniquely themed to popular video game series like Mario, Pokémon, and Splatoon. This next collab is bringing the world another delicious confection that’ll do anything but melt your heart — in fact, you might just freeze up a bit!

Cold Stone Creamery is Nintendo’s newest partner. Thanks to u/BenWellDone on Reddit, we’ve got a good idea of what we can expect from this new venture: Super Mario ice cream treats are going to be available at Cold Stone locations from August 28th to October 15th this year. Two themed desserts will bring Mario and Luigi to the creameries, and from the look of things, they’ll be celebrating both Mario Kart and Super Mario Maker.


The “Rainbow Sprinkle Road” cake is made up of yellow cake, sweet cream ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, and blue frosting. And very fittingly, Mario and Luigi adorn the top of the cake in their famous racing karts, ready to bring that taste of sweet, sweet victory to all those who pick up the confection.

“Mario and Luigi’s Masterpiece” is a smaller cold delight that consists of sweet cream ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, blue frosting, and fudge. It’s served in an appropriately decorated dish sporting Mario and Luigi in their Super Mario Maker 2 gear.

If you look at the fine print below the images of the treats in the promo above, you’ll find another fun bonus offered through Nintendo’s partnership with Cold Stone:

“Each customer should be offered a Nintendo scratch card. Each card will award the holder Nintendo Platinum points they can use towards any My Nintendo Rewards that require Platinum points to redeem. Cards are available to customers while supplies last.”

Summer’s still in full swing, giving all you Mario fans and lovers of yummy confections the perfect excuse to head out to your local Cold Stone Creamery to experience a couple new sugared treats! If you do get a chance to pick up either of the options, take a pic and make sure to share it with us on Twitter!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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