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Considering the chunkily sized roster of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it only makes sense that its mobile compatriot would seek to fill out its own ranks with characters from the game as quickly as possible. And so it is with the next banner from Fire Emblem Heroes, which offers a quartet of Garreg Mach Monastery students to roll for.

Starting August 7th, you’ll be able to roll for Hilda (Axe Infantry), Hubert (Red Mage Infantry), Mercedes (Staff Infantry), and Petra (Blue Dagger Flier). This is, as mentioned, the first appearance of each of these characters to the Heroes roster, and each (save Mercedes) comes with a new weapon, with Hilda and Petra each sporting Prfs. Given there’s much of the 3H roster left to go, I imagine we’ll be seeing at least one or two more banners before the year ends.

In addition to these four, the next Grand Hero Battle will feature the Death Knight, everybody’s favorite scythe-wielding, Berserk-reminiscent miniboss. The banner’s end date is currently unlisted, so we’re unsure how long it’ll last – hopefully you’ll be able to roll in your favorite, summoners!

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