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It hasn’t even been a week since the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and the folks managing the mobile branch of Nintendo’s premier Strategy RPG franchise don’t want you to forget that fact, as July’s Mythic Hero has been revealed to be Sothis, everybody’s new favorite sleepy mind-occupying manakete.

Sothis comes with a unique weapon (Sublime Surge – negates Dragon-effective damage bonuses), a unique Special (Sirius – boosts damage by 30% of Speed and restores health equivalent to 30% of damage dealt), and a new C skill, Time’s Pulse (grants 1 special cooldown if count is at maximum value). Not to mention her base art has her sitting in that rad throne.

As usual, the Mythic Hero Summoning Event offers a wide assortment of Heroes to pull at a boosted 8% rate. This one will include, by color: Red (Sothis, Male Byleth, Hero-King Marth), Blue (Fjorm, Legendary Azura, Hot Springs Ryoma), Green (Blade Lord Lyn, Great Lord Hector, Valentine’s Greil), and Colorless (Eir, Saint-King Alm, Caineghis). Notably, this is your opportunity to roll for Male Byleth if you’re not partaking in the Three Houses promotion – buy the game and you’ll get him in Heroes for free if you link your Nintendo Account to both. The Sothis banner drops at the turn of the 31st and lasts the customary week, so ready your orbs, summoners!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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