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Hello Kitty’s reign over Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp isn’t even close to being over — so equip those cute red bows on your characters and continue joining in on the cute party!

Today marks the beginning of Sanrio Collection #2, as Pompompurin and My Melody have been added to the kitty character roster.




First off, you’ll want to take note of the ever adorable fortune cookies that were just added to the Fortune Cookie Shop. The Pompompurin and My Melody cookies are offering you the chance to own furniture, cute clothes, and food items. Check out the full item lists from both:




If you want some guaranteed charm added to your inventory and you’re willing to shell out some of those precious Leaf Tickets, you also have the option to craft some new themed items. Behold new backpacks, walls, and floors!


And finally, two new animals have been added to the game, and they love Sanrio characters! Offered through Blather’s Treasure Trek, you’ll have the opportunity to befriend Marty (based on Pompompurin) and Chelsea (based on My Melody). You can add these animals to your camp by acquiring their maps through the Sanrio Characters Goals #2 tab — simply meet the goals and you can earn their maps! Once you do, head over to the Treasure Trek to meet them.

On a personal note, this is my favorite collaboration that Pocket Camp has offered to date! I can’t wait for the third collection to kick off soon.

You have until September 2nd at 12:59 a.m. to indulge in all these Sanrio sweetness. Have fun, campers!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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