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If you’ve been following us, then you’ll know that this isn’t the first time we’re covering the Instagram account @miscellaneousmao. The person behind this account is a brilliant baker and Pokémon fan, and at its core, the account is a wonderful place for them to showcase their skills as a confectioner.

However, personally I think the account couldn’t ever have too many shoutouts, because not only does everything they make look delicious, but the talent that’s apparent when it comes to the artistry behind every creation is unbelievable. Particularly, when it comes to their Pokémon creations.

While you’ll find general Pokémon related treats sprinkled all throughout the accounts posts, my favorite thing about it as an avid Pokémon GO player is the fact that they seem to always be making things that coincide with special Pokémon events, especially GO festivities. A quick scroll through the account will show chocolate truffles in the shape of Torchic for May’s Community Day, Lapras cake pops made for the special Lapras Raid Day, Slakoth truffles that coincided with June’s Community Day, and chocolate cake pops in the shape of Snorlax for the sleeping Snorlax release.


Of course, these are all alongside things like Poké Ball (and Voltorb!) cookies and an Espeon/Umbreon Starry Night-inspired cake. Scroll even further down, and you’ll find plenty more amazing creations!

Even this weekend’s Community Day featured ‘mon, Mudkip, got an adorable edible shoutout:


Make sure to go give the account some love, and a follow if you really love their work. They’re nearly at 10k followers, so I’m sure it’d be appreciated!


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Written by George Comatas

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