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It’s already been a few months since Doug Bowser has seized the position of Nintendo of America head from the much revered Reggie Fils-Aimé following his retirement, but he appears to be acclimating to his role well, as revealed in a Mashable profile released around E3, where Bowser discussed his new position and what he learned from his legendary predecessor.

“I think … the most important thing that [Reggie] shared with me was really just the importance and, if you will, admiration for our great characters and immersive worlds. And then also the passion our fans have for that. [I need] to make sure that that’s always our focus, to bring smiles to those people’s faces. And that’s been my job since day one, from the moment I arrived at Nintendo all the way until I came into this role.”

Besides Reggie, Bowser also discusses the Nintendo character who shares his name, making games for everyone, and courting indies in the full piece. We can only hope his tenure as NoA President is as memorable and invigorated as the Regginator’s.


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