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Even doctors need a little help from their friends sometimes, and the upcoming mobile title Dr. Mario World is no exception. A new trailer for the game showcases its multiplayer features, including playing with your friends from Facebook and Nintendo.

Feel like helping a friend out? You can send a heart over so they can keep playing. Feel like asserting your doctoral dominance? You can challenge your friends to online, real-time versus matches.

In versus mode, you clear viruses to charge up an attack meter. Once that meter is full, you send over a horde of viruses to your opponent! The goal is to fill out your opponent’s entire screen with viruses. Additionally, different doctors have unique attack and defense stats, which changes the number of viruses sent in either direction. Each doctor also has a unique skill. Dr. Peach, for example, clears an entire random column.

View all the multiplayer action here:


Dr. Mario World is available on iOS and Android on July 10th!


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Written by Logan Plant

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