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It’s been about a year since Hector (and shortly before him, Lyn) was graced with a Legendary alt in Fire Emblem Heroes, leading many to wonder when their red-haired bestie and Actual Protagonist of Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade would receive the same treatment. The answer was apparently “~365 days”, because June’s Legendary Hero is none other than the chivalrous Knight Lord himself, Eliwood.

The Marquess of Pherae comes as a Sword Cavalry unit, wielding a new version of his iconic weapon, the Ardent Durandal (grants [Bonus Doubler] to ally with highest attack; [Bonus Doubler] doubles all stat boosts for one turn). He also comes outfitted with Rally Spd/Res+, Death Blow 4, Chill Atk 3, and a unique skill, Vision of Arcadia (grants Atk/Spd +6 to ally with highest Atk if you have a beast or dragon deployed – pretty much meant for Ninian, wouldn’t you say?) Much like his boy, Roy, Eliwood’s legendary version comes with Pair Up as well. And in a wonderful touch, his art is done by his original character designer, Sachiko Wada (who also provided the art for Legendary versions of Lyn and Hector).

As with any other Legendary/Mythic event, you’ll be able to pull for 12 characters at a boosted 8% rate. By color, they’re as follows: Red (Knight Lord Eliwood, Kinshi Ryoma, New Year’s Hrid), Blue (Great Lord Ephraim, Legendary Lucina, Selkie), Green (Gunnthra, Yune, Hot Springs Hinoka), and Colorless (Female Grima, Veronica, Hot Springs Sakura). The event kicks off at the turn of the 28th at midnight, so don’t miss it!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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