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Today, in news of the amusingly bizarre – a man has been arrested in Tokushima, Japan for the possession of ecstasy pills in the shape of everybody’s favorite greedy money guzzler, Wario.


According to Kobe Customs, the design is actually growing in popularity, even popping up on the MDMA subreddit. It may be of little surprise to discover that this isn’t the first time somebody’s pressed molly into Nintendo-related shapes — the company logo, various Pokémon, even soft boy Kirby have become emblazoned upon happy pills. Who knew the “N” in Big N stood for Narcotics? (Disclaimer: Ecstasy is not a narcotic, but “The Big Stimulant” sounds more like an instructional video for middle schoolers, so…)

In lieu of making hackneyed jokes involving Mario and hallucinogenic mushrooms, let’s take bets on the next Nintendo-related property to take up the mandy mantle. My bet’s on something from EarthBound, because c’mon, have you played through Moonside?

Via: Kotaku


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