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The Nintendo Mobile YouTube Channel dropped a new Feh Channel unannounced last night, offering almost 13 minutes of raw owl-update action. While the announcements were a little padded, the overall stream still had some sizable nuggets to dig into.


First off was a small addition to Aether Resorts, the Concert Hall, where you can put on tunes from various FE entries and also have your units dance along to the music as you please. This played nicely into information for the next update, which will allow you to save up to five Aether Raid setups to your liking, and also choose sets depending on the season. Convenient tools for those looking to save some time re-adjusting their defenses.

The next update will also add a new Hero Merit cap — 6,000, allowing for 1,000 more feathers per character. In addition, it will kick off a new series of Weekly Summoning Revival events, each featuring 5-star Heroes from before Book II that are no longer a part of new Hero Summoning Events. These will go on for 20 weeks, and the featured Heroes will be available at an increased drop rate of 4%.

The big addition coming is a new game mode, Røkkr Sieges. In this quasi-Co-op Raid mode, you’ll gather with a group of friends to take down massive, shadowy versions of units (called Røkkr) in maps. The Røkkr have tons of HP (like, hundreds of thousands of points), so you’ll need to rack up your score multiplier by defeating mob enemies and getting aid from allies if you want to topple these menaces. The first one kicks off June 17th, and you’ll get 20 orbs as a special first time bonus for logging in.

No word on upcoming banners, but we’ll likely see what’s in store before long. You can check out the full video for details.


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