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Attention, Trainers! Pokémon GO Fest is almost here and it’s bigger than last year’s gathering, spanning four days of candy-grinding fun. In preparation for the massive gathering, lines of codes related to the tasks, research, quests, and more have appeared. If you want to be spoiled, then you’re in luck. Chrales, a well known dataminer in the Pokémon GO community, compiled all GO Fest related data into a couple tweets showing off what will be live for attendees. Here’s what will be popping up:


  • The design of this year’s badge is almost ready to be distributed.
  1. New Quest: Make a new friend
  2. New shirts exclusively for the event

GO Fest 2019 Challenges

  • Battle another Trainer
  • Take {x} snapshots of Jirachi
  • Take a snapshot of Ralts in its GO Fest habitat

Take a snapshot of Ralts in the Fairy Garden

Take a snapshot of Gastly in its GO Fest habitat

Take a snapshot of Gastly in the Spooky Woods

Take a snapshot of Hippopotas in its GO Fest habitat

Take a snapshot of Hippopotas in the Sandy Desert

Take a snapshot of Snover in its GO Fest habitat

Take a snapshot of Snover in the Winter Forest

Take a snapshot of Horsea in its GO Fest habitat

Take a snapshot of Horsea at the Water Fountain

Take {x} snapshots of Fairy-type Pokemon

Take {x} snapshots of Ghost-type Pokemon

Take {x} snapshots of Ground-type Pokemon

Take {x} snapshots of Ice-type Pokemon

Take {x} snapshots of Water-type Pokemon

Trade for 3 Pokemon from at least 100 km away

Special Research: Jirachi

GO Fest 2019 — Chicago (1/5)

Professor: Welcome to GO Fest 2019.%PLAYERNAME%. I’m glad you’re here.

Professor: I discovered something fascinating during my research, and I need your help. I’ve come across what I believe to be a rare Pokemon deep in slumber.

Professor: We have our work cut out for us %PLAYERNAME%. I think this adventure is going to call for some resources and even the help of some friends.

Professor: Could you collect some supplies? Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can find anything about this Pokemon in any of my texts.

GO Fest 2019 — Chicago (2/5)

Professor: Good work, %PLAYERNAME%. I’m sure the resources you’ve earned will be crucial.

Professor: I had some success in my research, as well. I came across an ancient text containing the story of a Mythical Pokemon that grants wishes.

Professor: I’m still researching the best way to awaken this Pokemon, but I keep hearing reports of other Pokemon in the area showing signs of distress.

Professor: Could I ask you to investigate these reports?

GO Fest 2019 — Chicago (3/5)

Professor: Well done, %PLAYERNAME%! I knew I could count on you. You know, something interesting came up when I reviewed your results.

Professor: Many of the Pokemon you encountered seem to have strayed from their habitats.

Professor: I’d like you to help them get back to their proper habitats, as I’m sure this will soothe them and make them more comfortable. This should be a breeze for an accomplished Trainer like you!

Professor: As you return the Pokemon to their proper habitats, be sure to snap pictures to help document this unusual situation.

GO Fest 2019 — Chicago (4/5)

Professor: Wonderful work, %PLAYERNAME%! You’re certainly getting the hang of that camera! Did you notice anything strange while taking photos of Pokemon in their habitats?

Professor: Apparently there’s an unusual phenomenon where Pokemon leap out in an attempt to appear in your photos. I’ve heard Spark refer to it as a “photobomb.”

Professor: I’m eternally amused—and amazed—by the things we learn about Pokemon every day. That said, I did notice a connection.

Professor: These Pokemon all seem to have something in common—music! I have a hunch that music may be the key to awakening our slumbering Pokemon.

Professor: What do you think, %PLAYERNAME%? Shall we set the stage and see if some beautiful music is the answer to this perplexing situation?

GO Fest 2019 – Chicago (5/5)

Professor: That’s it! The pure melody created by your musical Pokemon has awakened the Steel- and Psychic-type Pokemon Jirachi!

Professor: The ancient text was right—this Mythical Pokemon could only be awakened from its thousand-year slumber by a song of purity. The text also says that when Jirachi awakens, it grants wishes!

Professor: Now that we’ve done the work of waking Jirachi up, I wonder what you and your fellow Trainers will wish for. I already know what my wish is going to be—I want you to enjoy this amazing experience!

Professor: It isn’t every day that you get to join Trainers from all over the world in exploring a park with so many Pokemon in such diverse habitats—not to mention meeting a Mythical Pokemon!

Professor: I’m sure Jirachi was far from the last amazing discovery to be made, though. I’ll no doubt be calling on your excellent research skills again in the future!

Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Chicago has already sold out, but that doesn’t mean Trainers who can’t attend won’t be left out. Trainers from all over the world will have their own challenges and tasks to complete. We’ll have to wait a few more days for that information to be announced or found in the game’s update though — stay tuned!


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