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Since the release of Detective Pikachu (and my subsequent four theater viewings of it…), I’ve been on a bit of a Pokémon frenzy, even more so than I normally am. I open Pokémon GO a little more often than usual, look at my Pokémon cards a little more frequently, think about replaying literally every game in the main series nearly every day now…

But you know what? I regret nothing.

Naturally, this extra excitement over the franchise has taken over my life, and I’m finding a lot of social media ads and suggested content has to do with Pokémon now, which brings me to a very cool Instagram account we discovered only a couple days ago. @bromeon_art is a master at perler creations — you remember those tiny colored beads you lay out on a grid and melt down to make a solid structure? Well, this artist takes that idea to the next level with their pieces.


Working to create beautiful large-scale pieces, this artist creates massive designs out of perler beads, from classic Pokémon card art to their latest creation: Bulbasaur and Morelull from Detective Pikachu.

The pieces are varied and very impressive, so I’d recommend going to check out the whole page if you’re at all interested in supporting the work. There’s some really cool stuff here, and what’s so fun about the perler designs is that once they’re complete, they become solid objects that can be placed and photographed in the real world! It makes for some really neat photography, that really makes the pieces pop.


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From one of my first most remembered episodes of Pokemon 20+ years ago to today, Detective Pikachu. – Pokemon has been part of my childhood growing up and still to this day, holds near and dear to my heart. – Very little franchises still have this level of excitement for me when something new is released, and it just demonstrates @nintendo / The_pokemon_company 's level of dedication, passion, and effort to continuously think outside the box and innovate keeping it fresh. – Invested a lot more time than I initially planned for this Pikachu, but really wanted to depict some sense of realism with him (~20hrs). – Kept his pose simplistic (sorry for no coffee Pikachu 🙈). Tried various backgrounds but none of them would pay justice to him unless I spent a lot of time for realism. – Thank you to everyone's support throughout the progress on this piece! – #pokemon #detectivepikachu #nintendo #eevee #pixel #games #gaming #gamer #anime #nintendo #manga #pikachu #pokemongo #japan #meme #art #animeboy #animelover #perler #perlerbeads #art #perler #pixelated #pixelartist #pixelart #pixelated #artistsoninstagram #artist #8bitart #artsy #instaart #pikacrew

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While the artist mostly focuses on Pokémon art, there are teases of other things on the account as well: Kirby, Zelda, and even a mockup of a Geno introduction card if he were revealed for Smash!

If you’re interested, give them a follow — I’m sure there’s plenty more art on the way!


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