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Pokémon has been around for a long time now and might be one of the most recognized things to come out of Japan the world over. But when you go further back you find an even greater breadth of cultural wealth, and the latest array of Pokémon Center goods is looking to share some of that with the fans of today.

The centerpiece of these goods, featuring various Pokémon in an ink brush style, are inspired by the Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga, famous scrolls that feature frolicking animals in human-like poses and activities. It’s easy to see parallels, such as the choice to use Pokémon based on frogs and rabbits to best emulate the artwork. They aren’t the only ones though, with others like Infernape and Decidueye fitting right in.


There are others, like traditional flower patterns and using Espeon and Umbreon to represent the sun and moon; and it’s always great to see Lugia and Ho-oh — they suit the aesthetic well. While there are some of the usual goods on offer, this time there are some more unique offerings, such as chopsticks, square dishes, and tabi inspired two-toed socks.

These will all be available in Japan starting next month; and while I’m usually hopeful for goods to arrive overseas, this particular batch might best be imported.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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