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When Mythic Heroes were announced, it seemed like only a matter of time before Naga – the franchise’s prime deity dragon matriarch of all that is good and holy – would be added in. And lo and behold, her day has come, as Naga descends into Fire Emblem Heroes at long last, boasting (as you would expect) a truly impressive set of skills.

This Blue Dragon Flier wields the unique Divine Breath weapon (effective against dragons; boosts all stats depending on how many allies also have dragon-effective weapons), as well as Luna, AR-O Atk/Spd (boosts Atk/Spd in Aether Raids), Chill Speed, and the prf skill Divine Fang (grants “effective against dragon” to all adjacent allies at the start of a turn). Basically, she’s a dragon-slaying dragon, and her stardust-laden animations are nothing short of celestial gorgeousness.

As always, you can pick up other units for a limited time at a boosted 8% rate. By color, we have: Red (Hrid, Legendary Eirika, New Year’s Gunnthra), Blue (Naga, Legendary Tiki, Brave Hector), Green (Legendary Lyn, New Year’s Fjorm, Lugh), and Colorless (Duma, New Year’s Laevateinn, Velouria). The banner kicks off at midnight and lasts a week, so get those summons in while you can!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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