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The rosen scent of early summer has rolled in, and with it comes the season of betrothals. After having two sets of hitched brides (and one groom) in previous years, Fire Emblem Heroes is back for a third bridal banner, and – rather surprisingly – the game pulls almost entirely new cult fav characters into the mix, plus one fairly popular OC. Love truly wins!

The new banner includes Tanith (Lance Flier), Sigrun (Sword Flier), Pent (Blue Mage Cavalry), and Fjorm (Staff Flier). Fjorm is the only alt-bearer – this marks the first appearance in the game for everybody else, as Tanith and Sigrun from Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn join their Queen Sanaki, while fan favorite Pent from Blazing Blade joins his son Klein and his daughter Clarine. The fact that Intelligent Systems is using the seasonal banner to actually add mostly new units is surprising, but welcome, and they all come outfitted with gorgeous art and beautiful dresses.

The Tempest Trials unit is, of course, Louise (Bow Cavalry) – wouldn’t want Pent joining the fray without his beloved wife! The bridal banner drops on the 21st at the turn of midnight, with TT beginning a couple days later. Ready your orbs, summoners!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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