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With Dragalia Lost’s Fire Emblem crossover now over, it’s time for a new Summon Showcase. This new Showcase, Beauty in Motion, features Dragalia’s first alternate version of an existing character not to be exclusive to their initial summoning event with the brand-new Beautician Zardin. Having given up his traditional sword and affinity to the Water element, Zardin now fights with a samurai’s blade, an affinity to the Light element, and a whole lot of flair for the dramatic. His special skills Ravishing Rainbow and Stunning Visage come complete with expressive lighting and effects.

Also in this showcase is Yachiyo, a new adventurer and Light-attuned samurai, and Norwin, a Shadow-attuned Sylvan archer. Both of these brand new adventurers are available at four-stars, a lower rarity than Beautician Zardin who is only available at five-stars.

The Beauty in Motion showcase also features a new Light-attuned dragon, Takemikazuchi, a dragon from the land of Hinomoto, a country we haven’t heard mention of in Dragalia since the New Year’s event back in early January.


Beauty in Motion looks to be an exciting showcase all around, and is live right now alongside the rerun of the Resplendent Refrain raid event. Head on over to Dragalia Lost and check it out!


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