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Last week we (re)introduced Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ trio of lead characters: Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. These three serve as marquee members of the titular Houses’ nobility, but we’ve now been introduced to those working beside them, both within their home borders and at the Officer’s Academy.

Please note that these are coming from the Japanese account, so some of the names, terms, and details may change in the localization process. With that, onward!


First is Hubert, a member of the Black Eagles within the academy and longtime servant of Edelgard. He seems a stern individual by appearances, but is noted to be honorable and a key tactician for his lord and land.


Next is Duodo, member of the Blue Lions house and a couple misplaced keystrokes away from a two-headed bird Pokémon. He is indebted to Dimitri, and keeps his calm, gentle self hidden behind a stoic exterior.


Last for the new students is Lorentz, another member of the Leicester Alliance nobility alongside Claude and fellow member of Golden Deer house. Described as something of a snob and a skirtchaser, he’s no less aware as his responsibilities as a noble.

It’s not just students who were introduced though, as a few other supporting characters got a bit of attention last week as well.


Jeralt, for example, was a former legendary member of the Knights of Seiros, allegedly their strongest ever. He also happens to be your avatar character’s father, and is currently the leader of a band of mercenaries. Anyone who’s played Path of Radiance will find that oddly familiar; though unlike Ike’s father, Greil, he’ll be returning to his former fealty early on in the game.


Finally there’s Rhea, archbishop of the Church of Seiros. It’s she who notes your character’s ability and invites them into the monastery, and she’s known for her calm demeanor. That grace doesn’t extend to those who defy the clergy though; and if Fire Emblem games have taught me anything in the past, it’s that the combination could potentially spell trouble.

That and other speculative bits will have to wait though, as we move onward to Three Houses’ July 26th release. Be on the lookout for even more character reveals and information, especially with E3 and Nintendo’s presentation for the show just a month away.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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