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For everyone out there gearing up for Detective Pikachu this week, our favorite Instagram baking account is at it again with brand new cake pop designs celebrating the film’s release.

You might recall us covering an account that goes by the name @miscellaneousmao a few weeks back, and all the wonderful Pokémon baking they do: from cake pops to chocolate truffles, this talented food artist translates Pokémon designs like Magikarp, Swinub, and Salamence (and Meltan, and Lotad, and Treecko) into some of the tastiest looking treats on the platform.

Their ability to make these creations is undeniably impressive, but I’ve gotta say their latest creation is one of my favorites. They made Detective Pikachu himself! Both in Pikachu’s regular and Shiny forms, they’ve given the electric mouse Pokémon everything from his little detective’s hat to a tiny chocolate magnifying glass. It’s… seriously too cute.


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Got a mystery? My pikachu cake pops are on the case! 🔎⚡ Less than a week until the Detective Pikachu movie comes out, who's excited to see it? 🤗 . These are chocolate on the inside, candy melts on the outside. Tiny detective gear made out of modeling chocolate 🍫🕵️ . In other news, my pokefood friend @cupcakedex is hosting a celebration of #PokeNoms this month. I hope to see even more Pokemon-inspired food, it's a combination of two of my favorite things! ♥️ . #pikachu #pkmn #detectivepikachu #detective #detectivepikachumovie #pokémon #pokemon #pokemontrainer #pokemongo #ポケモン #nintendo #anime #nerdy #cute #homemade #handmade #pokemonart #foodart #edibleart #baking #candy #chocolate #cakepops #sweet #dessert #food

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While obviously not a direct translation, this Pikachu might even be cuter than the CGI we’re used to seeing in trailers for the movie. Now, if only Warner Bros. would hire them to make these treats officially!


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